Is Talking about Heaven Boring?

We hear it all the time. In church. From every religious communication. Heaven, Heaven, Heaven, Heaven. To the point where, like other frequently used phrases, we start to tune it out.

Yes, Heaven .. okay, but what about my current problems here on earth? How does that solve those?

If the term Heaven seems overused to you, let’s call it the Other Side – a new age term that means the same place. It’s the place where we come from and to where we return.

Knowing that Heaven aka the Other Side truly exists also does not solve worldly problems. It was never intended to. Instead, it just removes something from your worry list.

How the knowledge help me is that now, instead of worry about everything that happens life, especially bad things, as earth-shattering events, I’m able to put things more easily into perspective. In other words, instead of playing “small ball” for each and every issue, I’m able to accept both the good and the bad from a broader perspective.

The truth be told, without a firm acceptance of our alpha and omega, life becomes a much more rudderless existence. So, talking about Heaven aka the Other Side isn’t boring if it helps you put life’s ups and down’s into perspective.

Thomas Edson



What’s In a Name?

Whether you call it Heaven or the Other Side, the simple truth is that there’s a location we come from and to which we return. Life is only temporal. That much is certain. It’s also clear that a state of existence that is powerful and intelligent enough to create a path from spiritual to temporal and back can clearly dictate what we’re allowed to discover and what is blocked – no matter how sophisticated our science.

If science is closing in on what we believe is the genesis of our existence, would our predecessor on the other signed move the information bar just a bit higher so that we don’t learn what they don’t want us to learn. To them, our earthly intelligence is akin to a parent and child relationship. They’re there to help us learn and obtain spiritual growth, but they’re also there to move the sharp knife out of our reach if we get close to grabbing it – so to speak.

What is indisputable is that information conveyed from the Other Side aka Heaven that can’t be known by the conveyer comes from beyond our realm of understanding. That proofs beyond doubt that the world is much more than we know and that whether we call it Heaven, Paradise or just the Other Side, our spirit is headed elsewhere when our time here ends.

Thomas Edson



Is it Wrong for Christians to Listen to Psychics?

In a word – No. I’ve been surprised when I heard some people say that. I was raised a Christian, parochial school, et al, and had never heard that prohibition. I do, however recall hearing quite a few teachings about prophets and came to the very reasonable conclusion that they received their prescient information from spiritual sources and were clearly clairvoyant.

Christianity makes no such negative admonition about psychics and the only reference to the topic in the New Testament of the Bible is prophets. Christ’s birth itself was foretold by numerous prophets, including John the Baptist and the Three Wise Men. Where do people think they received their information that Christ was being born in Bethlehem? It’s certain that nobody called them on a cell phone. The only explanation is that they received spiritual communication which is exactly how psychics receive their information – from their spirit guides.

In fact the only negative admonition with regards to psychics is provided in Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the Old Testament. These were both books written by Moses delivered to the Children of Israel. In Leviticus, Moses is fairly stern, but in Deuteronomy his admonition less rigid. It’s almost if Moses new that his first mandate precluded listening to valid prophets, which is not what God wanted.

The real purpose was to warn the Israelites against listening to necromancers who speak to the dead for evil intent. God actually admonishes us to listen to prophets as long as they’re speaking about God’s words and wishes.

The term psychic was also never called us specifically in the original Hebrew version of the scriptures and only was inserted in later revised versions of the Bible published by Kings. An inadvertent misrepresentation or a purposeful insertion by a monarch attempting to keep their lieges under control? You be the judge.

The bottom line is that Christianity does not prohibit listening to information from psychics and would certainly not prohibit any of us from hearing what they say when it comes to providing proof of Heaven’s existence. In that respect, they are serving as prophets by conveying God’s word to humanity.

What we are clearly told not do is listen to necromancers who communicate with the dead for evil purposes such as seeking wealth or gaining advantage over others.

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Thomas Edson

I’m Puzzled Why so Many Don’t Believe in Heaven. Does Anyone Have an Answer?

Frequently, I’m at a loss to understand how some don’t believe in Heaven’s existence. Are we blinded by science? Or have we just become so culturally jaded that it doesn’t seem cool to believe that all of life is more than what we know?

If science has proven anything throughout time, it’s that there’s a lot we know but there’s even more we don’t know. But yet, when we hear stories of Near Death Experiences and other proof points, it seems like some come crawling out of the woodwork to try to vociferously refute what the NDE participant experienced.

Why is that? You what think that even if you had some doubts you’d still want to hedge your bets and not be so absolute in your proclamations. There’s no upside in being that rigid.

What I can say is not possible is for some you’ve never met in your life and who lives in another part of the world communicate a message from a deceased family member on the Other Side. The information my mother provided to prove where she is — in Heaven — is irrefutable and certain.

I’m also pretty certain that she need some level of permission to communicate the information that she did. She also always liked puzzles and I believe that’s why she conveyed the information in a somewhat puzzling manner which required that I seek the answer.

The one puzzle I haven’t been able to solve is why so many souls, despite an overwhelming amount of evidence and testimony, still don’t believe in Heaven’s existence.

Thomas Edson


Happy Birthday to the Provider of the Proof of Heaven’s Existence

I want to express my eternal gratitude to my departed mother who provided me with a long series of proof points culminating in the capstone proof of Heaven’s existence.

Today is the anniversary of her birth.  I still miss her even though I see many of her attributes in our two boys.

To the life she lived extremely well and to her high standing in Heaven/the Other Side which I believe is the reason why she was allowed to provide us with so much information about Heaven’s existence.

Happy Birthday and our Eternal Love to you Mom!  We miss you.

Thomas Edson

The Most Perplexing Thing I Heard from the Other Side

One of the more perplexing admonitions that I received while writing Proof of Heaven – Factual Revelations from the Other Side was: “It’s almost as if there are too many people who want to empty the vessel of our spiritual existence and turn it into something demonic, rather than to gain the spiritual strength and growth that we have the opportunity to achieve.”

I knew immediately that it was not an artifact of my writing process because it’s not the type of phrase emblematic of my writing style. For example, the sub-phrase “empty the vessel of our spiritual existence …” is far more elegant than my prose.

In analyzing this admonition, the emphasis and meaning is evident. “They” are perplexed by our behavior and curious as to why so many are frittering away the chance to achieve the spiritual growth we sought and signed up for before we were born. It’s as if they’re asking “What’s up with this?” “They” are of course the inhabitants of Heaven, aka the Other Side.

Part of the reason for this may be that those who have come here and then returned to the Other Side no longer understand the complexities of our world. Many things have changed, even within the past decade and the old paradigms are different. It’s hard to understand what you can’t relate to.

Another aspect is clear and immutable, however. Many have chosen to embrace the here and now, as if that is all there is to our existence, and have turned away from our spiritual nature and genesis.

Many people have become overly dazzled by our scientific advances, thinking that because we’ve achieved so much, everything is centered within our realm and nothing beyond exists. It sounds, almost, like a modern day version of those that used to believe that the earth was flat because they could only see the distant horizon and nothing beyond that.   To them, the entire world was what they could see – and it looked flat.  They were, of course, proven wrong as we discovered more.  In that respect, how can anyone eschew a level of existence beyond what we presently know?

This admonition wasn’t delivered as a warning or out of anger – rather as a point of confusion. If many things don’t make sense to us, they probably make even less sense to those on the Other Side. They love us like crazy over there and will do everything to help and guide us, but to them many of us probably look like outrageous adolescents.

I believe that the admonition was communicated to encourage us to search within and seek out our spiritual side. It’s not too late and never will be as long we live and breathe. But what is also clear is that we can’t obtain spiritual fulfillment by scoffing at the very real truth of our spiritual existence and believing that anything we do here disproves that fact.

Scientific discovery throughout time has always only solved the current problem in front of us. After each discovery, we’ve also very rapidly found that there was even more for us to learn and discover. That’s not by accident – it’s’ part of the plan. We’re being told more about our spiritual existence but it seems if our forbearers on the Other Side are wondering if we’ve learned enough to properly accept that information.

Thomas Edson

How Did We Know It Was Proof of Heaven?

We’re periodically asked, how did we know that the information we’d received was actually proof of Heaven’s existence. At first, we didn’t. It’s not that we had doubt or that we lacked faith before we experienced and received all the information and events. To the contrary, we had strong faith prior, but with most of us it was just that – faith. We also weren’t expecting to receive all the proof that we did receive.

It was an amazing sequence of events over numerous years culminating in the definitive information provided by my mother that’s described in the book. It was only after that occurred that we began to contemplate all that had occurred that we came to the only conclusion we could come to.  Our deliberation process was scientific in nature, i.e. examining each piece of evidence on its merits and seeking alternative explanations.  Some of the evidence could have other explanations, such as happenstance or coincedence, but when combined together and examined as an extended series of occurences, over time, the totally of the events and evidence led to only one conclusions – we had been provided with Proof of Heaven.

Having been on multiple juries which requires evidence to be evaluated based on a burden of proof, I’m very familiar with the requirements for both criminal and civil trials.  After evaluating the proof of Heaven’s existence that we received, I’m confident that the evidence we received not only supported by a “Preponderance of the Evidence” but also rises to the level of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” which is the burden of proof required in criminal litigation.  That claim is supported by the fact that there is no other reasonable explanation for the proof of heaven’s existence provided by my mother from the other side.

And that’s the challenge I raise to anyone who’s skeptical.  What other explanation is there?  It’s possible to conjecture and speculate endlessly but in the end, no other explanation suffices.  As a scientist and engineer, I’ve seen technical facts proven with far less compelling information.  Take for example, subatomic particles.  Nobody has ever seen one, but based upon an overwhelming amount of circumstantial information, we’ve concluded that they absolutely exist.

Heaven does exist.  It’s from whence we come and to where we return.  What the exact means of transportation is, I don’t know.  But I can tell you for certain that my mom, my day, and my wife’s dad are all there and doing extremely well.

Thomas Edson