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What it was Like to Experience Spiritual Existence


Breathtaking is the simple answer. Comforting is the philosophical answer. I now know what spiritual life will be like and it’s amazing.

The event started simply enough.   I was getting ready for work – brushing my teeth, combing my hair, the usual stuff.  Then things changed.  I suddenly felt different. I was nauseous for a brief moment, like I had the flu.  Then, I felt peaceful and serene beyond anything I’d ever experienced before or since.

For anyone who’s had surgery where they’ve received a strong painkiller such as morphine knows the powerful pain relief that the painkiller provides. The physical side of being a spiritual host was almost exactly like that.  The difference,though, is that I also experienced complete emotional and mental serenity.  I literally felt no worldly worries or concerns.  I was totally at peace, inspired and joyful.

When it was over, I went back to the normal aches, pains, and worries that I normally experienced. Would I be late for work? Would traffic be bad? All of the things we consciously or subconsciously ruminate without always being aware that we are.  The difference was compelling.

This brief experience let me know that spiritual existence will be truly wonderous and far different from our daily human existence. But, that’s the reason why we’re here. To experience the good and the bad feelings and sensations that only come through human existence.

It’s not possible to experience those feelings and sensations in Heaven. We can only have those experiences here, so we’re given the opportunity to do so and we remember the things we learn from them when we return to Heaven.

People who’ve had near death experiences say the same thing – we remember all that we learn here on earth when we return to Heaven. They find that out in Heaven and then are able to tell of their experiences when they return to earthly existence.

Both my niece and I were fortunate to be able to experience spiritual existence without going through a near death experience. We both acknowledge that we remember everything we knew during the experience and that the only thing that was different was the overwhelming serenity. It’s what have to look forward to.

Thomas Edson


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