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Review: The History Channel’s “The Bible”


When Louis Lumiere and Thomas Edison were working on the invention of motions pictures, it’s possible to imagine that one of the things they envisioned was that movies could bring history to life.  Throughout the past century and since the first cinematic creations, the results were typically more a miss than a hit.  Over-acting and over the top production techniques turned many historical dramas into more of a cliché, than a faithful accounting.

The History Channel’s “The Bible” mini-series is one of those few exceptions that delivers on the promise of movie media.  It’s riveting – because it’s faithful to the historical events – at least as much as possible without dragging on endlessly – and emphasizes the story through acting that was realistic and human.  It’s so well done that it was almost like watching a documentary.  It’s a historical treatise that way that it should be done.

Most impressive was how the main message of Christ’s life was emphasized. The universal truth communicated thousands of years ago is as powerful today as it was then.  God and the universe in which we exist is about love.  Evil also exists, in order to create the challenges we need to learn from and gain spiritual wisdom, but love is the essence of existence and through God and love all things are possible.

My first hand experience as a spiritual host was that the serenity, bliss, and love of spiritual existence is beyond our imagination.  We experience some of it here among our family and friends but not nearly with the intensity and depth of spiritual existence. The promise of a wonderous spiritual existence was aptly presented, but without insight into what spiritual existence is actually like, it’s only possible to speak about it as a promise.

Let me supplement that promise. Spiritual existence, at least from my very brief exposure to it, is phenomenal. Not only for what is there, but also for what is no longer there.  Thank you History Channel for this wonderfully epic mini-series.


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