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Science and Technology – Friend or Foe?


Is science and technology the root of new evil? It could be if we make it a God-substitute. If we do, we’ve gone too far. Unfortunately, there seems to a growing trend in that direction. Our accelerating pace of science and technology is making some believe that we can disprove God and Heaven’s existence. Such would be the ultimate folly of mankind.

Having been a part of science and technology for a considerable time, I’ve seen a lot of the advances first hand – and they are wondrous. The 20th century provided a quantum leap in our science and technology and the 21st century has continued that trend. We are solving problems and providing capabilities now that never seemed possible mere years ago.

But, to put it in perspective, we’re nowhere near determining when our spirit enters our body and when it departs. We have no way to measure it and can’t even give a reasonable scientific estimation. To blunt this fact, some scientists dismiss the notion of having a soul as fantasy, rather than acknowledging that we aren’t even close to understanding the soul’s science or technology.

Science and technology have enabled us to make many wonderful advances throughout history. But to deny that we still are technological novices and don’t understand many of the universe’s technologies is ludicrous.

The reason we’re seeing high profile Near Death Experience and Proof of Heaven stories is because those are on the Other Side are becoming concerned about our increased intransigence. I believe I was chosen to communicate about the Proof of Heaven’s existence is to provide a science and technology-based demur about this trend.

Science and technology are great tools. But they are not to be worshipped – and certainly, in no way, to serve as a God-substitute or to attempt to disprove God and Heaven’s existence. In fact, the information my family and I were provided with makes it abundantly clear that there is far more to the world than we understand and that we should never assume that our advances in science and technology can or will disprove that.

Thomas Edson


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  1. Nice narrative!!! “It is given to some to see the Kingdom of God.” “The Kingdom of God is Within.” “As above, so below.”

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