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My Newest Revelation from the Other Side


The most recent revelation I received shed some light on why my family and I were given Proof of Heaven’s existence. It was surprising, but not so much given what we already knew about the intentions of those who watch over us from the Other Side.

My mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor at a fairly young senior citizen age. The most ironic thing was that she had passed a full physical examine a mere two months before her diagnosis with flying colors.

Unto itself, that’s not that unusual. We know that people can be healthy one day and die the next. That’s even more likely with illnesses such as cancerous brain tumors which can develop out of the blue and initiate their fatal results. In knowing that, we accepted that it was just her time. But, as is always the case with someone who suddenly and unexpectedly becomes terminally ill, you’re left to wonder why.

A previously unknown element of the “why” was recently provided to us, however. We were informed that the proof about Heaven’s existence, at least to a certain extent, was provided to assuage our grief at her loss. She was taken from us early to serve as our family’s guardian angel – which was something I’d learned a long time ago. But, it wasn’t until very recently that I found out about the Other Side’s intentions to ease our sorrow.  I’ve known for a long time that the primary reason we were told was so that I could tell you.  But, this new aspect of the full story is extremely heartwarming and should make everyone feel good.

What does this say about our predecessors in Heaven/the Other Side? It speaks volumes.  It shows that they care about us deeply and will help ease our earthly burdens when they can. They’ve been through what we go through in our lives and know that it can frequently be difficult.  They won’t interfere with our lives or prevent us from making misguided decisions, but they will certainly help us to deal with the difficult ramifications of things that happen to us in our lives.

Ask for their help. You just might be amazed!

Thomas Edson




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