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Do Psychics Have Wi-Fi in their Heads?


Of course not, but the current widespread availability of all kinds of wireless technology can finally give us a clearer understanding of what psychics experience. Much like you speak on your cell phone with someone you can’t see, psychics receive communications from spiritual beings on the other side. They have built-in receivers in their brains. It’s obviously a different communications mechanism, but the basic concept is the same.

For centuries much of humanity viewed psychic communication as scary, sacrilegious, or worse. Of course, they probably would have also viewed the use of any modern communication device in the same way. Now that wireless technology is so widespread, we can develop a better understanding of how psychics receive spiritual communication. But, that doesn’t mean science will necessarily develop a means to determine how it works. That may be a secret that’s kept from us until we return to the Other Side.

So when you think of psychics, think of cell phones.  They hear what those on the Other Side want to tell them.  But, remember, the biblical admonition is to only seek this information for good and not for evil purposes.

Thomas Edson


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  1. “It is given to some to see The Kingdom of God.”

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