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Is it Wrong for Christians to Listen to Psychics?


In a word – No. I’ve been surprised when I heard some people say that. I was raised a Christian, parochial school, et al, and had never heard that prohibition. I do, however recall hearing quite a few teachings about prophets and came to the very reasonable conclusion that they received their prescient information from spiritual sources and were clearly clairvoyant.

Christianity makes no such negative admonition about psychics and the only reference to the topic in the New Testament of the Bible is prophets. Christ’s birth itself was foretold by numerous prophets, including John the Baptist and the Three Wise Men. Where do people think they received their information that Christ was being born in Bethlehem? It’s certain that nobody called them on a cell phone. The only explanation is that they received spiritual communication which is exactly how psychics receive their information – from their spirit guides.

In fact the only negative admonition with regards to psychics is provided in Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the Old Testament. These were both books written by Moses delivered to the Children of Israel. In Leviticus, Moses is fairly stern, but in Deuteronomy his admonition less rigid. It’s almost if Moses new that his first mandate precluded listening to valid prophets, which is not what God wanted.

The real purpose was to warn the Israelites against listening to necromancers who speak to the dead for evil intent. God actually admonishes us to listen to prophets as long as they’re speaking about God’s words and wishes.

The term psychic was also never called us specifically in the original Hebrew version of the scriptures and only was inserted in later revised versions of the Bible published by Kings. An inadvertent misrepresentation or a purposeful insertion by a monarch attempting to keep their lieges under control? You be the judge.

The bottom line is that Christianity does not prohibit listening to information from psychics and would certainly not prohibit any of us from hearing what they say when it comes to providing proof of Heaven’s existence. In that respect, they are serving as prophets by conveying God’s word to humanity.

What we are clearly told not do is listen to necromancers who communicate with the dead for evil purposes such as seeking wealth or gaining advantage over others.

For a more extensive discussion of this topic, please check out my website @: www.ProofofHeaven.org.

Thomas Edson


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